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Commercial Tire's Only

Nickel Manganese Alloy Roller Grip Detachable Tire Chains

This chain will out preform any existing tire chain for traction and wear under the most severe ice and snow conditions. The square link design has more leading edges to grip ice and snow than twist link chain that wears only on the high points. 

  • Alloy Content: This fine grain Nickel Manmanese Alloy offers extreme hardness as well as tensile strengh. Inside hardness is at approximately 51 RHC. That's tool steel hardness that WILL NOT fracture upon impact.
  • Case Hardness: The outside hardness is 63 RHC with a .06 percent depth. Most twist link carbon chain has a RHC of 53 with a .03 hardness and a soft liner core.
  • Roller Grip Design: The swivel action combined with the square link chain allows the cross chain to rotate automatically. This allows for even wear on all sides of the links.
  • No Tools Necessary: With the roller grip chain, a cross link can be replaced in minutes without any chain pliers or tools.